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If you love Polynesian tattoos, you know pictures and information about them are hard to find. I have spent hours online looking for all these websites and decided to share them. Enjoy!

Artist page. Located in Southwest France. Contact info included. In French.

Studion in Moorea, French Polynesia. Light style. In French and English.

One of the few Europeans who can tattoo in Marquesan and Maori style. Go see him in Holland if you like bold dark Marquesan designs or Maori designs. His paintings and flashes for sale are nice too. English and Dutch.
Some cool ”cute” designs under TAHITI AND MAORI on left hand side. If I were a girl, I’d totally get one of the lizards on my groin. In French and English.

Strangely, this guy seems to be revered. Personally, I think he lacks basic skills and I would never let him within 100 m of me with a tattoo gun in his hand. Still, he can design your tattoo at www.lompre.com English and French.

This cultural association is based in Nîmes, in Southern France. It’s not clear how good they are at tattooing, but they can dance. In French.

Julien is a very skilled artist based in Montpellier, France. He has his own new-wave style. I love this man!

This Dutch dude passes the mark. Very large gallery. Dutch and English.

Studio in Papeete, French Polynesia. These 4 guys know their tattoos. In French and English.

Studio in Madrid, Spain. I’m not impressed by their skills. This site is in Spanish ONLY, ¡cabrón!

If your vision is low and you can’t see detail that well, this is your man! Based in Orléans, France.

Although he’s not from Tahiti – he’s in fact from Wallis & Futuna -, Soane is a killer artist. He’s among the very best Polynesian tattooists. His studio is located in the Paris suburb of Monthléry.

This Hawaiian colletive, led by Keoni Nunes, practices traditional “kakau”, which features geometric patterns. Located in Hawaii, but they also tattoo in California and Utah. In English.

OK, this is not Polynesian, but there are some similarities. These guys deserve a category of their own. They are responsible for the revival of Philipino tattoo. Impressive artistic skills. Forget about getting tattooed if you are not Pinoy. If you are, the process is work-intensive (you have to provide a lot of information), but they will turn your body into a piece of art. Looks like they are located in Hawaii.

Samoa’s in the house! Mike Fatutoa and his crew are the only reason for going to yuky Las Vegas. Their site is close to unreadable, but they have tons of wonderful tattoos in their gallery. Sweet!

Site under construction, but I like the drawing on the page.

This Danish studio doesn’t specialize in Polynesian tattoos, but some of Eric Dale’s creations are strangely reminiscent of the islands. Very cool dragons too. In Danish and English.

Mana is a New-Zealand tattooist working at Tahiti Tiki. He's the one you want to go to for cool Maori designs. Foget about the other two guys.

Go to tribal > polynesian. These are free, but they barely cut it. Check the designs out for inspiration. Also, these are rip-offs from legit artists. Don't support them by buying.

Wilson Fitiao is an authentic Samoan tattoo artist.

Pierre Kohumoetini is a great Marquesan artist who works in Lyon, France. Site in French only.

Artist in Tahiti. Not one of the best.

Aisea Toetuu is a great artist located in Oahu. It's very hard to see his work on the net as he seems to be a very discreet man.